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The time is right for our efforts.

Mobility education can be a healthy turn for this generation of teens. It helps improve safety while also attending to the epidemic of obesity, the environmental crisis, and the rising costs of transportation. As mobility education resonates with a growing number of people, this is a new foundation to make it succeed.

Be a part of this change by making even a small donation.

Please consider donating to these efforts. Even $15 is a meaningful amount. Though this is less than just one pair of movie tickets, $15 provides a scholarship for one student's books -- it pays for one e-update to over 1,000 people -- it gets policy briefings to a dozen new decision makers.

Make your gift right now in our founding year, and we will send you a "Founding Donor" certificate.

Please help us deliver on the promise of mobility education.

Please choose whatever amount you feel you can afford. Click here to donate online using PayPal.

By contributing to The Mobility Education Foundation, you can facilitate the cultural change needed to save lives, protect the environment, promote health, and reduce the costs of transportation for the next generation. Mobility education is a very focused change that taps a powerful opportunity.

You may also donate by sending a personal check to the address below. Your gift may be tax deductible--contact us for more information:

   The Mobility Education Foundation
   P.O. Box 30784
   Seattle, WA  98113
   (206) 390-8118

We invite you to consider our volunteer opportunities.